7 thoughts on “4013 W. Madison Street”

  1. Thank you so so much! It was like an early birthday present to hear about my sister and the building in the early days. When we lived there the Lelewear (I don’t know if that’s spelled correctly.) Men’s Store was on the street level. God Bless!!

          1. Hi there! Did you by chance know the tenants for the residential apartments in the 1950’s? The last name is Sourwine. My dad grew up here (I think on the third floor) and I lost him years ago, so this brings me back a little piece of him and makes my heart smile! Thank you very much!

          2. no. i was a tyke in the mid 1950s and lives on the 4400 block of Jackson. I found Sourwine names from that area with first name Bernie, David and Marcy.

          3. Omg yes! Marcy was my grandpa! 🙂 Bernie was my dada’s cousin, and David was his Uncle!

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