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  1. I attended Bryant school around 1959. I traveled to the area yesterday and the building is gone. The neighborhood is very depressed. 😢

  2. Great video, please be mindful of ur choice of words the idea that “black took over” implies that there was a hidden agenda to take the neighborhood from its prior inhabitants and that would be a misrepresentation. Black Americans had no choice in were they lived in the city proper as living in a diverse community was seen as un-American and lowily . The powers at be (old man daley and his predecessors) not only a). encouraged racial division (redlining), b) didn’t even protect racial dividing lines or one race from over taking another races area. As u said in this video, “the area was a Jews/Irish neighborhood until the late 1940s” then black just randomly take over? No! It was zoned for blacks in a rapidly growing city during a huge migration in American history. In the vicinity, those big spacious apartments which allowed Jewish abd irish families to raise their families pre and during the war, were cut in half for two family to live separately in the same space one family formerly occupied . This allowed for more families, with more kids, in the area than ever before Bryant school swole to just shy of 3,500 pupil (daily tribune) after 1957 because of the density. This dense-cramped-living, violence, racism and other things of course would affect mental health and quality of life leading you right to the unrest of the black community burning the area down during kings death. I didn’t find evidence that Bryant was effected by the king riots. U said the fires happened some time after . Might I add that when those big flat were revamped from big full flats to half spaces, it stripped the longevity of the neighborhood. In 1944, the tribune interviewed a woman with a Jewish surname who lives on south kedvale. The article tells of her life since her husband and eldest child went to war. The wife gets a job from9am to 3:30 at the mail post in sears and roebuck, her oldest daughter gets training at jones prep school (which seems too far to me), the next daughter go to high school, the youngest son attends Bryant’s elementary and they all save ten percent of any wages for war bonds. Their children help to make ends meet and reach household dues as the wife had plans to continue living in her apartment, as she and her husband had been raising their family for there for the past 17 years. SEVENTEEN YEARS in an apartment!!! Dated 1944. Well I imagine dem 17 years spots for a family of 6 were long gone, or hard to come by, by the time that Bryant was demolished. I’ve been researching this vacant lot for the past 3 hours because I just could not understand how it sits so barren and ur videos summarized it in 7 minutes haha. Great job I enjoyed it.

  3. I graduated in 1953. I recently found the graduating class photo and pamphlet.
    The Westside was a great place to grow up.

  4. Hi,
    I went to Bryant from headstart in 1972 and graduated in 1981 which is the year that it closed. It was sad when it closed but glad that I graduated before they closed it. The building had been abandoned for years, so they eventually tore it down.

    1. My nick name is Bowlegs we was up next to graduate but unfortunately I went to Frazier for my 8th grade and graduated in 1982…I miss Bryant school most people back in the days knew us as the Perkins girls.

  5. I attended Bryant Elementry school in the early 1950 until 1957

    Was located near Rosevelt Road not far from Karlov

    Fond memorites

    Can I communicate with someone

    1. Hello Philip!

      I attended Bryant about the same time that you did.I moved in 1957 to the Humboldt Park area.I graduated from Von Humboldt Grammar School in 1959.I lived at 3935 W. 13th st when I went to Bryant.I would like to hear from you maybe we can remember some of our classmates.

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