7 thoughts on “Stineway Drugs”

  1. Wow! I would shop at both drog stores as well. I remember when the big snow happened in the 60s my Dad sent me to Stineway and I believe we got one of the last milk and bread that they had. The line was long too. It was challenging to walk the half block home. Thank you for posting.

  2. Can you also do a memory for Mesirow’s? I am currently friends with a Mesirow who was related but much younger than us!

    1. check out the videos using the Madison search especially the ones at 5600 west. i’m sure i mention something about Mesirow. They also used to be on Roosevelt Road. and one in the Rogers Park area, I think.

  3. I worked at the Stineway Drugs
    at 95th and Ashland during my high school years 1968-1971 as a stock boy, cashier, etc.
    Many great memories and relationships were formed during my short, but influential, career there. The Xmas bonus was ALWAYS appreciated!

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