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  1. Wow! I would shop at both drog stores as well. I remember when the big snow happened in the 60s my Dad sent me to Stineway and I believe we got one of the last milk and bread that they had. The line was long too. It was challenging to walk the half block home. Thank you for posting.

  2. Can you also do a memory for Mesirow’s? I am currently friends with a Mesirow who was related but much younger than us!

    1. check out the videos using the Madison search especially the ones at 5600 west. i’m sure i mention something about Mesirow. They also used to be on Roosevelt Road. and one in the Rogers Park area, I think.

  3. I worked at the Stineway Drugs
    at 95th and Ashland during my high school years 1968-1971 as a stock boy, cashier, etc.
    Many great memories and relationships were formed during my short, but influential, career there. The Xmas bonus was ALWAYS appreciated!

    1. I worked there too. I don’t remember Christmas bonuses. But it was a great place and many fond memories.
      Helped pay for my freshmen year in college.

      1. Did you use to play little league baseball with Longwood Manor at Genoa Park in the early 1960’s Don ?

  4. I remember the Steinway drug store on Jackson & Pulaski across from a Jewish deli don’t remember the name.???? I graduated 8th grade from Delano & high school from Marshall High. I lived at 4052 W. vanBuren on the corner of Karlov & Van Buren were two mom & pop grocery stores one was owned by Theresa & her 3 daughters & the other Al Coglianese( I think) so many memories also a social club called Karvans any one remember ???????

    1. 1. i remember your visiting our facebook page and mentioning all this as well and my correcting myself and agreeing with you about the synagogue
      located on Van Buren and giving you its name but having no other info on it.
      2. this is a blog site, like a reading room. mainly to find video clips of interest and view them. the chat room is the facebook page. we maintain both sites.

    2. Lived at 4140 Van Buren. Went to Sumner ’til December 1959, when we moved north.
      The Steinway Drug store was just mentioned on Westside: past and present. Our “corner store” was run by Wanda and Herb. It was at Van Buren and Keeler.

  5. The Stineway on Jackson and Crawford was a place to meet and hangout for all of the guys from Marshall and Crane High Schools during the early 40s thru the 50s.

  6. Thanks for this. I am reading Philip Roth’s The Anatomy Lesson and found mention of Steinway drugs (apparently near the University of Chicago) as a sort of bohemian hangout for UofC folk around 1950. Your research serve to flesh things out for me

    1. thanks for viewing. roth was one of the great writers of the second half of the 20th century. reading him was like doing brain exercises. you feel smarter afterward.

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