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  1. Wow now I know where Walter Memorial hospital is at. I was born there 58 yrs. ago this weekend. As is matter of fact my sister’s and brother were born there all so. It was good to here about the hospital after all these yrs and what’s going on went it. It’s a shame it couldn’t stay opened a lot more yrs it’s a land mark for me and others who were born there many yrs ago. I will keep a look out on my Tablet for my old neighborhood Humboldt park. Thanx again for that up date?

    1. Thanks for watching. I’m glad we gave some joy. There are several episodes about Humboldt Park among the total of 660.

      1. Thanks so much! I appreciate your time. My husband was born there 70 years ago today. It was fun to watch and see and hear your Story!

    2. I was also born at Walter Memorial Hospital 1949. It. is nice. to. see that you and family were born there too. It is bad we cannot get our medical records.

  2. I was a candy striper there from Orr high school 1976 through 1978 love it such great opportunities to prepared you for life I wish our youth had some experience like this thanks Judith Diaz

  3. I was born there on August 31, 1976! I’m so glad to see that the building is being put to good use and not just sitting abandoned. God bless you for making this video and God bless all the staff who cared for my mom and me all those years ago.

      1. I was born at Walther Memorial in Oct 1950! And was At the OLA fire. Thanks for the memories.
        My younger siblings were born at St Ann’s hospital.

  4. I decided to get some info about the place of my birth. I was born at Walther Memorial on April 9, 1940. That was the day Germany invaded Norway. My mother told me about Norwegian nurses who were there at the time of the news of their country being invaded. I see that was very close to Norwegian American Hospital.

  5. In 1056-58 I lived at 3220 Thomas which was directly across the ally from the hospital. I once dated a nurse who was visiting from Michigan for summer studies. The park was beautiful and played baseball and basketball practically everyday. I went to Tuley High at the time. I once ran over to the ER because my baby sister had swallowed bluing used for washing clothes. She had her stomach pumped. There use to be an old concrete bicycle track on the corner of Kenzie and Augusta …. we played basketball there. Fond memories. Bob Skaleski

    1. I remember you and your brother Gary from the 1950’s.
      E-mail me and I’ll give an update about all that’s happened since.

      Wayne Oesterlin

  6. I was born there in 1944.
    Looking forward to reading and watching video.
    I am the only one of 5 siblings who was born at Walther, simple reason , my uncle was a Dr. at St Mary of NAZARETH and was stationed in TEXAS , unable to deliver
    Me. This is so interesting.. THANK YOU

  7. One of my mother’s closest friends was one of the charge nurses at Walther Memorial in the sixties and seventies.Her name was Mary Doherty.Lovely “Aunt” throughout my life.

  8. I was a patient there in the early 1980’s. I had my Gallbladder removed, and due to no fault of the staff, my own antibodies caused the incision to become infected and caused a loss of blood, causing me to have several blood transfusions. The staff was incredible. They moved me to a private room because I was so sick, but charged my insurance for a semi private room because they needed the beds and didn’t want to risk me becoming more ill than I already was. I am so sorry to see that it is no longer in service because everyone from the cleaning staff to food services to the Doctors and Nurses and everyone in between was phenomenal. I’m 71 now and this Hospital is by far the best one I was ever in.

      1. I was born there in 1944 in a hot August day. They would keep mothers in the hospital for 7 to 10 days.
        My mother said it was terrible miserable because of the heat.

  9. I was born at Walther in November of 1958. My sister was born there in July of 1957. Our mom did her nurses training at Walther.

  10. My Daughter Michelle Uribe -Dwyer l
    Was also born there June 29,1979.
    Fond memories for me..
    Maria uribe 6/3/1961

  11. I too was born at Walther Memorial in 1948, and I also have a memory about Our Lady of Angels. I lived in the neighboring parish, Our Lady Help of Christians. The kids referred to the two schools as OLA and HOC. On the afternoon of the fire, my mother and I were driving down Division St and saw the conflagration from a couple of blocks away. The surviving OLA students were sent to my public school, John Hay, to resume class the following week. They were kept separate from us and put on the third floor. This had to be traumatic as our school looked almost exactly like OLA which they had so recently escaped, many with injuries. To make bad matters worse, some fool pulled the fire alarm which I’m sure terrified them.

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