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  1. Larry…this isn’t a comment for this blog but I don’t have a valid email to get this to you.

    Google Dr. Alice Wynekoop. She was tried and convicted for the murder of her daughter-in-law at her home at 3406 W Monroe. There are photos of her and the house that was taken down. I can’t think of the many times I walked by that lot or a house that replaced it on my way
    to and from Providence. Talk about six degrees of separation… I was texting with a friend tonight..one of my former students…
    And we talked about Dr Catherine Dobson..you can google her as she was prominent…I was her patient and my student’s mom worked in her office. Her mom told her the story about Dobson’s mom. That set my fingers to researching on google and found photos and more info on
    en.m. Wikipedia.org. It is really interesting. I don’t know if it’s worth a Larry Story but thought you might think it interesting.

    Thank you so much for the site…I just love it.

  2. Hi
    That was My Grandfather too. Can you tell me where you found the basement picture and if there is any more info. My Dad did not talk much about this to us. He was about 6 and at home when it happened.
    I thought He said He had to stay at neighbors house while ours was being repaired. I have His Dads and My Dads handcuffs and Billy clubs on display at My house.
    James Schmitz

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