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  1. I visited Austin Library summer 2018. There is a wonderful John Kerry Marshall mural on the mezziane (can not spell) level. A most beautiful building. I spent many hours there as a child, sitting on floor in the children’s section. Beautiful memories. thanks for posting.

  2. I have many fond memories of the Austin Branch. I lived on Washington Blvd just west of Cicero. Many Saturday mornings when I was in fourth grade, three friends and I would walk down Washington Blvd. to Central Ave. and then go to the library. A bit later, my mother would allow me to walk there by myself. Walking past the shops on the Central Ave. leg of this trek was always fascinating to me, but the best part was when I arrived at the Library to see what new treasures I could find there.

  3. Lived on the 1300 block of monitor used to ride my bike to the library until they rented a space for the north Austin branch library around the 5400 block of north ave on north side of street. I attended st Angela grade school on masisoit bad spelling. Does anybody remember the corner of monitor and division Rockne theater Rockne grill brigance Chevrolet Ed s liquors how about joe clam the hot dog man on division granpa s place I used to work at mottos drug store for 1.00 hr around 1967 68 at corner of Menand and division does anyone remember the white autum restraurant and Tinys grocery store. How about north Austin bowl my favorite place to go was slot car racing at slot city and west town slots on Chicago ave and central. Then we would ride to margies beef at Cicero and Potomac. Or the hot dog stand at division and Laramie who s name escapes me. Well I need a hot dog off to jimmies on pulaski

    1. thanks for viewing. do a search on rockne theater in the left margin search terms on this site to learn about the history of the movie house.

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