2 thoughts on “Emmet School After Closure”

  1. The old Mulligan School was closed and Arts of Living School for Pregnant and Parenting Girls was moved from 721 N LaSalle to the Mulligan location 1855 N Sheffield in academic 2000/2001.
    At the time the shuttered Mulligan was opened for three years to temporarily house the St Vincent DePaul Day Care while its new facilities were being constructed and Arts of Living moved there to share facilities. When our school was closed the building was sold to a developer…the first plan for a condo conversion went ahead. Then a fire destroyed much of the building and it changed to rental. Today 1855 is rental apartments…did Chicago Public Schools made a tidy profit on the purchase? Perhaps if it were in a Westside / Southside blighted area the building would be closed and boarded waiting for development.
    Location, location, location.

    1. a nearby school to emmet- key was sold off a bit earlier than emmet to an oak park based educational organization.
      leland school was also sold off and redeployed for other usage. it’s the sold emmet that is taking longer to do something with because the people
      that bought it probably bit off more than they can chew and are raising the funds to do something.

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