2 thoughts on “Monroe Street WGP Part 7”

  1. I lived on the 4600 block of Monroe Street until early 1963. I can’t remember the exact address, but it was on the Southeast corner of Monroe and Kilpatrick Avenue; my family lived one door East of Kilpatrick, one door off the corner. There was a 12-flat next door on the corner where I had several friends that lived. My Mom worked for about a decade at Howell’s Restaurant on the Northeast corner of Cicero and Madison.
    We regularly went to Keyman’s Club and the Byrd/Marlboro Theaters on Madison.
    I’d love to hear from others who might have lived in that ‘hood. Especially would like to hear from any Marquards (Danny, Bobby, Bart) that lived next door.

    1. thanks for checking out the site.
      you’d get a better chance of a response by putting the same post on our facebook page- chicago west side past and present.

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