3 thoughts on “Rice Street Part 1”

  1. I lived at 5416 W. Rice in the early 70’s just as the neighborhood was turning. My landlord sold the building to a black family, the first in the area. I might add that the new landlords were very nice people and treated us very well. Our garage was set on fire and the only thing destroyed was my 5 y/0 bicycle. We began to fear for our safety, not from them but from our neighbors, and we eventually moved.

    1. I wonder if they fixed the bullet holes in the floor of one of the bedrooms that was shot into it in 1963 by the time you moved in several years later. inflicted by a father who lost patience with his son and did it to scare him.

      1. We moved in in 1967 and stayed through early 70’s. No bullet holes were found on the 2nd floor at least. Pure speculation, but maybe that’s why the basement was made into a bedroom & bathroom.

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