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  1. I am trying to get a hold of Charles Crispino’s son, Joey Crispino. My mom grew up in this neighborhood and was friends with Joey, frequenting the dry cleaners often. I believe that Joey has information about my mother and her past…non related to this event in any way. PLEASE…if you can, I would appreciate and be incredibly grateful for any information you can give me about Joey or other members of his immediate family who might have known my mother.

    1. your best bet is to post your request in our facebook group and see if anyone knows members of the crispino family.

  2. I hung out as a kid at Crispino’s grocery store @ 700 N Kedzie Ave. I knew quite few people from Morse Grammar school and the overall neighborhood. I move out in 1956 and I am now back in Chicago.

  3. this was where we shopped. my grandparents too. lived slightly southwest across on huron, bldg no longer exists. directly south of crispino’s was a factory, not sure what they made, but we had to listen to their machines all day long.

  4. I only met him a couple times. I was dating Frank Salerno who lived on Troy, they were friends. This was about 1963-65.

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