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  1. just viewed Independence Blvd. Brought back many marvelous memories. In part 1, the building on Arthington & Indepence was known as the Kesel Gardens. Your comments include how many apartments & restitution for deaths during WWII. Castile Gardens in English. In part 2, the building on the 1200 block, east side sits next to what was the Temple Judea, a Reform Synagogue. Your video shows the Menorah at the top north corner. Our family worshiped there. Independence Blvd was my stomping grounds, I recognize many buildings. When my Zadie devened at Anshe Shalom I was allowed to play in the medium at Polk across from the shul. Lovely videos, thank you, Larry

    1. thank you for the feedback and additional information. i lived down the block from Temple Judea from age 6 months to 2 and a half years in the early to mid-1950s. Back in the 1930s and early 1940s people would sleep on the median during the hot summer months.

      by the way, Temple Judea building, subsequently a Church, was demolished this past year.

      you may also want to check out our other site- http://www.synagogues.lteren.com and click on the link on the right margin for the category called CLOSED SYNAGOGUES. We showcase a handful of episodes about the Lawndale area.

  2. Hi, I read your comment and would like to add that next to Temple Judea was a 3 story building that in the mid to lat 40’s housed The Hebrew Parochial School. , which I attended from 4th to 8th grade. I have a lot of stories or memories, which ever you prefer from that era… a lot of my friends live the other side of independence blvd. I still remember their names, don’t know what I ate for luch today, but, that I do remember..

    1. thank you for checking out our videos as well as your input. i lived down the block from the age of 6 months to about 2 and half months before moving to West Garfield Park. you may find of interest our sister site, http://www.synagogues.lteren.com and look at the link on the right margin for Closed Chicago Synagogues. You may also be aware that earlier last year, the Temple Judea building was torn down.

  3. The building to the right of Temple Judea, is the one known as the Hebrew Parochial School , which I attended from 3-4 grade till graduation 8th grade ,1947… The building to the left of Temple Judea , was where our family Dr. lived, Dr. Arthur Samuels , what a great man he was, he was also personal friends with my parents. What great memories……Also some 3 years after graduating High School, I met my husband to be , and low and behold he lived at 1248 Independence Blvd. And the rest is History…

  4. I lived at 1022 S Independence Blvd in 1954 and attended a school several blocks East of where I lived for 4 months and I cannot remember the name of the school. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

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