3 thoughts on “O’Connor and Goldberg Shoes”

  1. John O’Connor was my great grandfather. It seems you have crossed the name O’Connor with “John Goldberg,” who was actually Julius.

    Thanks for the info.

    1. you are correct that i misstated towards the end but multiple times mentioned the correct names earlier in the video.

      thanks for watching and offering your correction.

  2. To branch off of the story….Right before WWI a Soldier named Jake O’Connor picked up a wired haired terrier puppy off of the streets of Chicago. The Soldiers buddies joked that O’Connor should name the puppy Goldberg, a real Chicago name and the name stuck. Goldberg became a mascot for the 122nd Field Artillery and went overseas with the unit. He got gassed, was “stolen” by a neighboring unit during some hijinks rivalry, and broke his leg while climbing a ladder on the ship on the way home. So beloved after he died, that he was stuffed and can still be seen today in the trench exhibit at the Illinois State Military Museum on Camp Lincoln in Springfield, IL. One of our Soldiers who does taxidermy spruced Goldberg up before the big 100th anniversary of the World War in 2017-2018.

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