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  1. Christ the King High School is a Jesuit High School. Jesuits are Roman Catholic religious order. Pope Francis is a Jesuit. Resurrection was a Roman Catholic Parish. Most but not all of us were Catholic. So Christ the King High School is not a different denomination than Res alumni. Also the auditorium is not all that is left of the parish campus. The “New School Building “ as we called is open and functioning as a Jesuit Middle School for boys for many years. The graduate of both schools have been very successful

    1. Yes, we were informed a while back by others that the new school is also of the Catholic variety. At some if and when we ever do a follow-up, we will acknowledge this. The auditorium building is the remaining original building- that was our observation. We know very well that the new main building replaces the original Resurrection building. Thanks for taking the time to view and comment.

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